Composite doors. Attractive, durable and secure

Classic Appearance

We know that your door needs to stay at its very best in the thick of everyday action. That’s why the doors we install are designed to stand up to the hardest knocks and treatment. A tough glass reinforced plastic (GRP) outer skin with a rigid foam infill panel means the door is virtually draught and soundproof, providing you with greater levels of comfort and energy efficiency – with heat insulation up to six times that of a traditional timber door.

Our collection has a realistic woodgrain finish available in a variety of distinctive colours alongside a range of furniture options for a smart, quality appearance. The latest multi-point locking system also makes it much harder for intruders to break-in, helping keep your home secure. In fact our doors have been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers through the Secured by Design scheme.

It’s not often that something so high-quality can also be low-maintenance. Yet, these stunning doors only require occasional cleaning to retain their eye-catching good looks. You can be sure that, no matter what your door has to go through – its performance will never fade.

Making a grand entrance

Our composite doors bring individual style and high-performance materials direct to your doorstep.

Behind that classic appearance, you’ll find the most advanced engineering, design and technology working together to deliver exceptional performance. Combining the highest levels of security and thermal efficiency with low maintenance, our composite door range offers outstanding flexibility too.

With ten styles in seven colours and a wide range of glazing options, you can create a look that is perfect for your home. From the contemporary chic Wirksworth style to the Chatsworth with its traditional Edwardian look, or the quaint cottage-style of the Middleton, there is a style to suit you and your home.

Security is paramount
Mixing tradition with fresh influences and a homey atmosphere
Any colour you like can be applied to your doors. Ask for more details.

Something To Turn Your Head

We offer a choice of gold, silver or white handles, letterboxes and door knockers – all made from stainless steel. This not only means that they match perfectly, but give you ultra long-life and trouble-free performance for up to 25 years, so your door’s looks will not fade in time. Doors can also be fitted with a spyhole, integrated within the knocker if required – giving you the peace of mind of seeing who your visitors are before opening your door.

Our high-quality stainless steel handles are available as conventional lever handles or as pad handles – all covered by our comprehensive 10-year guarantee. House numbers are also available in either polished chrome or gold so visitors and the postman can find the right house!

Keep Intruders At Bay

The door to your home has an important job to do, protecting your nearest and dearest from intruders and damage. It’s one thing to look good on the outside, but when push comes to a rather hard shove, can your door withstand the pressure?

With The Dales Collection, you needn’t worry as our doors feature the latest multi-point locking technology which gives your home maximum security. We use the latest ‘anti-bump’ and ‘anti-snap’ cylinder lock with cylinder guard ensuring your door will be far more secure than commonplace doors today, helping prevent ‘would-be’ intruders from breaking in. If an attempt at entry should occur, aluminium edging to both sides of the door helps protect against damage. Plus, for even greater peace of mind, all our doors and locks have been through rigorous tests and simulated break-in attempts.

Energy Efficient

The Dales Collection of composite doors offers exceptional energy efficiency, offering a ‘B’-rated DER (Door Energy Rating) as standard, thanks to a rigid foam insulation core coupled with the GRP outer layer. Our doors will retain up to six times the heat of a timber door – keeping you warm all year round and helping keep your energy bills down. What’s more, Dales Collection door frames feature thermal inserts made from 100% recycled PVC-U for enhanced sustainability and thermal efficiency.

A Rated Performance

Homeowners looking for the ultimate specification will be pleased to hear we can now offer an ‘A’-rated option, delivering unbeatable thermal efficiency – ask for more details!

Long Lasting

The Dales Collection combines strength, security and style in a door that requires virtually no maintenance. The key to bringing all these attributes together is the composite construction of the door. By combining different materials, our doors will help keep your home secure and warm.

A robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) outer skin featuring a realistic woodgrain finish provides the tough face that your door presents to the world. It makes your door far less prone to scratching and denting than steel-faced doors, and will never need painting or varnishing unlike a wooden alternative.

So whether you’re pushing in prams, squeezing through sofas or rushing in from work – your door will resist the wear and tear of everyday life. GRP is also totally weatherproof, so come rain, snow or hailstone – your door will still offer outstanding, all-year performance.

Ask us about bi-folding doors


Our collection of composite doors have earned the approval of the Association of Chief Police Officers 'Secured by Design' scheme and the police preferred specification, PAS23 & PAS24 – so you can be fully confident your door is as safe as houses.

Q Is For Quality

Q-Mark Certified

The doors we install conform to BM TRADA Q-Mark certification. This is regarded as one of the most rigorous certification processes available for building products, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your door has quality built in.

Designed as a complete solution that includes the door, frame and toplight or sidelight where applicable, you can be confident of inherent quality throughout. A dedicated transom bar means the door frame can be made in one piece, making your door strong and secure with impeccable looks.

The exceptional workmanship that goes into The Dales Collection means there will be no post-installation problems due to the manufacture of the door, leaving you free to enjoy your door and your home.

10 Year Guarantee

A full ten-year guarantee gives you real peace of mind, particularly when it covers hardware and the surface finish which will retain its original looks for up to 25 years, highlighting the depth of quality in our specification – you won’t find a more comprehensive guarantee.

Low Threshold For Easier Access

The Dales Collection of composite doors has been designed with a low threshold option, available in silver or gold, to complement the rest of your door furniture. This removes the raised threshold along the bottom of the door, giving you easier and unimpeded access to your home. Plus, the foot of the door frame is end-milled to the threshold, for strength and a superior aesthetic finish. We can also offer thresholds to meet Part M of the Building Regulations which are perfect for people with pushchairs and for wheelchair users.

Triple Sealed Against The Elements

The intelligent design of our composite doors with their flush fitting frame feature a high-tech triple weather seal incorporating one external gasket plus two woolpile barriers, keeping the elements safely outside and keeping you free from draughts.

Through The Looking Glass

Beauty That Shines Through

Choose from bold half-glazing, through to contemporary arches and traditional glazing infused with decorative picture art. From designs in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh to abstract geometric shapes and colourful glass options – there is a design for you. Our wide choice of options enables you to add the finishing touch to your door and complement your home.

Our glass designs are made using the highest quality materials, so glass colours will remain bright and vibrant for years to come. Manufactured using traditional techniques and finished by hand, our glass options offer the best possible finish.

Gold and silver leading

A range of triple-glazed designs is available with Gold and Silver lead-style options, creating stunning visual effect to complement your chosen door style, whilst ourdouble-glazed designs feature a more traditional leadlook, available with your choice of backing glass.

Creating Privacy

Many of our glass designs can be specified with different backing glasses as well as clear, offering varying levels of obscurity. Choosing the right backing glass can help increase the amount of privacy your door offers.


Before and After

A few examples on how we can transform your current doors


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